Product Review: Jamaican Castor Oil

This product has been extremely beneficial to thickening my hair. If you desire quick results, I would recommend this product. I also noticed that I do not have breakage or shedding ever since I started using this product. I would recommend using any type of castor oil in your deep conditioner due to the thick consistency. It works well with other oils as a hot oil treatment. 

However, I don’t feel it’s a great leave-in oil because it is too heavy and weighs down the hair similar to glycerin. Natural oils such as olive, almond, jojoba, vitamin E, grapeseed, coconut and avocado oils are much lighter and melts into the hair much easier so it can be used to seal the ends after washing.

I’m considering purchasing the Jamaican castor oil shampoo, but I do enjoy the Kinky Curly shampoo and Cream of Nature Argan Oil shampoo so I may hold off on purchasing the shampoo right now.

I’ve been wearing my hair in a two-strand twistout since September and did my first blow out last week after shampooing my hair. It’s still not as long as my original length since I suffered some hair breakage after putting in a color rinse, but it is much healthier.

I plan on trimming the ends to get it even so the fullness will also be enhanced. Always remember to regularly trim your ends. This step will enhance the overall appearance of your hair. I believe some people overlook a good trim. If you do not trim your ends regularly, your hair appears much thinner because of weak and damaged ends. So make sure you trim often. It is not necessary to cut the ends unless it is extremely damaged.

Photo Credit: Natural Raw Essence

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