Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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I really have to admit that I love my hair texture. I am a 4c hair texture which has always had extremely thick, kinky and tightly coiled hair. I really have stepped into my own and I’m free from the expectations of having to wear my hair in a certain hairstyle to be accepted in society. There is no expectations because I have been wearing my hair like this for so long. I know what products work in my hair and really enjoy the process of caring for my hair. I use to feel natural hair was so difficult to manage which is a misconception because we have so many products on the market that is catered to own unique hair type. Once you have experimented using a variety of products, you will eventually find out what works for you.

The key is not to get sidetracked or tempted in purchasing new products once you find out what works for you. I often struggle with purchasing new products especially since there has been a “Natural Awakening” which is very exciting. I’m glad to see that so many women embracing their natural hair types. I believe this is a season of transparency and realism. It’s a time for grasping the reality of self and accepting your uniqueness and special qualities. It’s time to stand up and be who you really are. I’m not saying that if you wear your hair permed or weaved that you’re not being true to yourself, but there is a divine essence that is carried with how you were born and your natural appearance. It’s also a sense of confidence and freedom that is exposed when you are comfortable in your own skin.

Right now, the only thing that I’m struggling with in my hair journey is that I’m getting bored with my hairstyles. I really want to do much more with my hair besides twist outs and afros. I like cornrows, but do not really know how to braid my hair neatly besides flat twists. I’m just bored with my hairstyles because I started wearing my hair natural over 15 years ago. I’m thinking about going to a natural hair salon for the New Year. I would like to try the silky twists, but I know my hair will lock quickly because of my hair texture. I don’t really want to lock my hair because I like the freedom of loose hair and having the flexibility to styling options. I will continue to look at new videos and read other blog post to find some creative hairstyles. Please feel free to post your comments or suggestions.

Photos Source: Dangerous Lee

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