Product Review: Shea Moisture is Shea Wonderful!!

I can’t count the amount of times that I passed up purchasing Shea Moisture products when I saw it at Walgreens and Target. I’ve been a product junkie for most of my life. I guess, I felt that I had so much products at home so I didn’t want to open another pandora’s box of endless products to stash on my shelf.

Eventually, I decided to try the Shea Moisture Hair Thickening Hair Milk. Unfortunately, the first time I used the hair milk it left my hair dry. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t use enough of the product or it was because my hair was brittle and dry but it didn’t provide the results that I expected. It was just another product that sat on my shelf until I decided to bring it on a short weekend trip to visit a friend for New Year’s.

Surprisingly, when I tried using the product again, it made my hair amazingly soft and moisturized. When I used the hair milk daily on my hair; mostly on dry strands, it moisturized my coils and provided a beautiful texture of ringlets of curls with body. I noticed the more I used it the better my hair transformed. I did not have to use a lot of product at each setting either. I purchased the “Green Label” which is for thin and fine hair. Even though my hair is naturally thick, I had some hair that was damaged and broke off at the roots in the center of the back of my head. It is now starting to grow back beautifully.

The ingredients of the “Green label” line includes Yucca and Aloe with Biotin and Bamboo Extract. It is a no-rinse protective styling cream. This product has topped my staple’s list! I notice that you can also use it with Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) products in which I use Olive Oil Hair Moisturizer Cream or the Hair Fertilizer. I’ve only been using the hair milk along with the Shea Moisture Curl in Shine Shampoo (Orange bottle) Coconut and Hibiscus and the Restorative Raw Shea Butter Conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

All of the products are natural and does not contain any mineral oil, PABA, synthetic color, animal ingredients, sulfates and other hazardeous ingredients.

The Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo includes coconut oil, silk proteins and neem oil which detangles, moisturizes, repairs and restores damaged hair. While the restorative conditioner is a creamy leave-in or rinse out conditioner. It contains sea kelp, argan oil and shea butter.

Both shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair super soft, manageable and moisturized. I also love the scent. I’ve even received complements on how my hair looks and smells. Out of all the products I’ved tried, Shea Moisture is at the very top of my list along with Organic Root Stimulator (ORS).

I have a 4C hair texture. My hair is no longer breaking and is getting stronger, longer and thicker. There is a very small amount of hair that drops when I comb it out which is just natural shedding.

I’ve posed an update below of the breakdown of additional products I’ve used since my original post.

Shea Moisture Shampoo – Coconut & Hibiscus vs. Raw Shea Butter

I didn’t find much difference between both shampoos. The only difference was the scent.  The coconut & hibiscus has a wonderful, fruity scent while the raw shea moisture equally has a wonderful, perfume fragrance. They both moisturize the hair and provides great elasticity and strength. I noticed my hair does not have any breakage since I started using their products. My hair has dramatically grown to almost neck length. There is a superb lather and it also does not strip the hair of natural oils. There are no parabens, PABA, animal byproducts, waxes, silicon and other harmful ingredients. It is completely sulfate-free. A great choice to add to your beauty regimen.

Shea Moisture Retention Conditioner – Natural Raw Shea Butter
The conditioner is very white, creamy lotion which aids in moisture. Although I didn’t feel a difference in my hair while using it over a month. I felt that it was preventing breakage. There was definitely a lack of breakage and my hair felt much stronger after each use.

Shea Moisture Hair Milk – Yucca & Aloe with Biotin and Bamboo Extract vs. Coconut & Hibiscus

This was actually the first product that I purchased from their line. At first, I did not like it. I did not feel like it did anything for my hair. I kept it on my shelf for about a month before trying it again. I was amazed when I used it and saw how moisturized my hair became. It also created a natural curl pattern which was extreme soft and manageable. I have to say this is one of my favorite products besides the shampoo.  I do prefer the Yucca & Aloe with Biotin and Bamboo Extract instead of the Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Milk. I liked the thickness and body that my hair had when using the Yucca Aloe with Biotin and Bamboo Extract Hair Milk. It is a light, lotion that really works and highly recommended as my staple product.

Shea Moisture Deep Mask Conditioner – Raw Shea Butter

When I opened this jar, I almost fell to the floor to witness the thick, creamy consistency of this product. Did I mention, creamy? It looks so good like you can actually eat it! The highly, effective ingredients of shea butter is the main ingredient. When using this product, I didn’t feel any instant results, but somehow you know it’s working in your hair. I did not experience any breakage after rinsing and my hair has constantly improved in texture, elasticity and strength.

Shea Moisture Moisturizing Spray- Coconut & Hibiscus

This is one of the last products that I’ve tried in the product line. After watching a YouTube video, a woman mentioned that it is a very light spray that doesn’t leave your hair wet.  I did find that after spraying it on the hair, it left my hair damp. However, it did dry quickly. I really feel this is a great addition to set the hair after you style at night, especially if you’re wearing twists or a two-strand twist out. It aids moisture without weighing down the hair. It’s very light and misty while spraying it on the hair. It doesn’t leave your hair sticky or greasy and there is no residue. It’s a wonderful product and would definitely recommend it for any hair type.

Shea Moisture Shea Butter with Coconut and Hibiscus

I normally purchase the raw shea butter at the beauty supply store. However, I decided to try the small container of shea butter out of curiousity. It’s a smooth, solid cream which melts once you rub it into your hands. It has a pleasant scent and it is great to use on your hair or skin. I’ve used the product on dry and wet hair. I normally will use it after shampooing with the Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Curl Smoothie. It seals in the moisture without a greasy or oily feel. I’ve noticed after using it with the support of the whole line. My hair has really grown into a healthy, full head of hair with wonderful curls.

However, I have not yet used the Hair Elixer. I may possible update with my results if I decide to purchase this item. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the need to purchase this item because I have all the basic natural oils such as Vitamin E, almond, castor, olive and flaxseed oil on my shelf so I don’t really need to add another oil to my supply at this time.

Overall, the Shea Moisture Product Line is one of the best lines that I’ve tried so far, besides ORS and Ms. Jessie which are also outstanding. Shea Moisture doesn’t leave your hair feeling stiff, dry or hard.  The only thing that I noticed is that during daily combing, small ringlets of hair will come out, but it is not breakage. It looks much different in comparison to when my hair would drop in the past. The small amount of hair and let me stress “Small” fraction is only from natural hair shedding which is normal and healthy for the scalp.

About two years ago, I had an area on the left side of my nape which broke off severely. After steadily using these products, the length of the same area is now touching the tip of my neck in twist and much longer once loosed.

I definitely would recommend anyone who is struggling with dry, brittle hair as well as damaged or hair loss to use these products to see and experience a positive change in your overall appearance and health of your hair.

Photo Credit: Natural Raw Essence

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