I’m Not My Hair

Words are power. I do understand that what I write on the web will be carried throughout the world. I will be sensitive, but truthful about the words that I write. So, I pray my words will not be offensive or taken the wrong way. Even though I already understand that you can’t please everybody, hopefully the audience in who I attempt to reach will be changed in someway. I challenge you if there is something that you read that bothers you, ask yourself “Why?”

With much consideration, I could not resist writing about “Gabby” the first Black Olympic U.S. Gold Medalist Gymnast Champion. First, I would like to congratulate her for all her hard work and dedication. Although I didn’t watch the Olympic competition personally. I could not overlook the controversy that has overshadowed her victory.

As a hair and beauty blogger, I really have to address the ignorance that is unfortunately a part of the black community.   Something has seriously gone wrong in this society when we continue to tear down and attack others for no apparent reason. There is a deep-rooted problem when “Black Hair” becomes the focus and subject matter instead of the personal victory of reaching goals and living your dreams.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that values physical appearances which is ego-driven. The external shell is emphasized instead of the inner qualities and characteristics of a person. When someone carries judgments and criticism about another person, they are also criticizing and placing judgments on themselves.

The self-hatred is clearly apparent when black women have to go to such extremes to tear down other women to make themselves feel better about themselves. I also need to clarify not only black women but humans in general suffer from this problem, however, it seems to be excessive in the black community.

When the priorities of important topics, such as achievement cannot be celebrated, we really have to acknowledge and analyze the deep-rooted negativity associated with “Black Hair.”

For generations, black hair has carried much power. But power is only fueled by the attention that you give it. It’s amazing how much power “dead kinky coils” carry in society and in the black community. It has caused black women and men to lose their jobs, hide behind braids, wigs and weaves. It has been the blunt of jokes, ridicule and judgment. It has defined who we are by HOW we wear our hair. It is negatively influenced or positively embraced. It is the impact of choosing a blonde Barbie over a black doll. It is not FEELING beautiful  because you are different. But at the same time, not realizing the power of being unique and BEING beautiful. It is complicated, yet so simple. It is good hair vs. bad hair. What is the implication of what that means anyway?

With such an emphasis “to become beautiful” Black women have lost their individual essence. The psychological impact plays a vital role in self-image effecting confidence, pride, self-estem and values.

Fortunately, young Gabby does not have the time to worry about petty things such as “Hair.” She was too busy developing her faith and craft which placed her at the top. She has ownership of a strong self-image with much sweat and probably enough broken limbs along the way in which she attained the Gold, she indeed has much to celebrate! Nobody can steal her shine.

This is a season of transparency. With so much going on in the world, we really have to get serious about our priorities and what we value or consider important in life. If each person, took some time out to honestly evaluate themselves, maybe, just maybe we could change for the better. Instead of dogging each other out we could cancel jealousy, bitterness, envy, competiveness, anger, pain strife, confusion, rejection, denial, lack, greed, selfishness and most of all, hate and replace it with love… Love of self and love of others.


Photo Credit: World Most Amazing Records

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