Knowing Your Hair

Do you really know and understand your hair? I’m not speaking about hair texture like 2A, 3B, 4C or XYZ hair. I’m talking about knowing how your hair reacts and responds to how you treat it and what products you use. For example, after years of experiencing with products, I understand that my hair loves cream-based products much more than liquids, oils and gels. This goes across the board from shampoos to conditioners, moisturizers and styling products. I’ve tried every hair gel on the market and I finally refuse to use gels and wax-based products because it leaves my hair dry, brittle, flaky and/or greasy. I do however, use oils but I know that I cannot use them alone. My hair definitely needs more moisture and needs a water-based, creamy solution.

Since my hair texture is thick and coarse, I understand that certain products don’t absorb well into my hair. I tend to need a creamy consistency that is rich in emollients.I prefer natural ingredients. I also do not wear hairstyles that will cause excessive damage to my coils like tight braids, pulled back ponytails or slick back styles. Unfortunately, I also do not add hair color or rinses which tend to dry and cause severe damage to my hair.There is alot of Do’s and Dont’s but once you understand what your hair is demanding you will experience hair growth.

You have to experiment with what works for you and then stick with the regimen. It’s easy to get persuaded to try so many products on the market, but once you find what works for you. Keep it!

Photo Source:  Nachalooman

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