Coconut Milk Hair Treatment

Last week, I made a hair conditioner with coconut milk which was the main ingredient in my experimental hair conditioning treatment. I added two teaspoons of castor oil and one egg to the mixture. I basically just substituted the yogurt with the coconut milk from my last post.

When I compared the results, I feel the yogurt was much better than the coconut milk. First, it was very messy since it did not have a thick consistency to the milk base. It dripped all over the place but somehow I feel it would make a great facial mask if used on the skin by applying with a brush to the face.

I noticed my hair was very oily the next day and it didn’t have the sheen that I expected. If I do happen to try this treatment again, I think I will use an avocado to give it more consistency and also include honey or glycerin as well as castor oil and of course less coconut milk.

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