How to Detangle Hair

I’ve noticed I’m having difficulty detangling my hair when I do my twists at night.

I believe most black women tend to damage their hair due to maintenance and daily combing because of lack of patience when dealing with knots and tangled hair.

Prior to putting the comb through my hair, I saturate a small section of my hair with coconut oil and then follow up with either my Creme of Nature Molding Gel or my hair food treatment or moisturizer.

I usually alternate between my night time products since my hair requires different nutrients according to how my hair feels during the time that I’m setting my hair at night. I believe it’s good to switch up on products as long as you understand your hair and what works in it. Since I know what products work well in my hair and which products can be used together, I usually mix one or two products together to saturate my hair with a mixture of moisture-based and oil-based products.

In the morning, I usually just spray on Better Braids Spray which is made with almond oil or use coconut oil to add sheen and softness to my hair.

Photo Credit:  Hell Notes for Beauty

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