Be a Freak to be Unique

Back in the day, society for the most part, really tried hard to be normal. What is normal? Normal is what everybody is, but you’re not. But seriously people, there was a certain image or standard and if you tried to be different or even think about looking different, you immediately was cast out of society. It was not “cool” to think outside the box. Standing out instantly eliminated you from getting a job and other things required in life. You was forced to “fit in” so to speak and you simply was not allowed to be unique even though there were still exceptions to rule

In today’s world, it is accepted to “Think Outside of the Box.” It is now the norm. I was recently reading the January 2013 issue of Glamour magazine where I noticed they touched on the subject. What I came to realize is that if everyone is trying so hard to be unique and walking around with the same type of appearance such as green, blue, pink and purple hair. How unique is unique? Is it really unique if everybody is doing and wearing the same thing? People are craving to be seen. Talking loud, being loud and even looking loud. 

People are screaming out for attention in any way they can get it whether it be negative or positive. Somehow I feel people are focused on the wrong thing. Being unique is being so comfortable in your own skin that you don’t allow the world, media, family or friends to influence your internal makeup. You don’t have to become a clone to be accepted. You were made an original. Unfortunately, sometimes life will beat up on you to the point where you lose yourself, your self esteem and your confidence.

Let’s face it, when did Halloween hair look good on women? Society has gone insane. The sad thing about it is that “we” have accepted it as the norm which makes us even crazier. I’m not here to change your opinion since we are all entitled to our own ideas and thoughts, but I feel somehow along our journey we are losing the richness and the true, divine beauty of who we are. 

“We” are a lost generation that does not know our history, our roots, our culture, our purpose. Through internal manifestations of generations of pain, abstraction is birthed. The concept of striving for our individuality becomes mirrored through images portrayed through celebrities and other public figures that we desire or admire. What is damaging is that our youth does not clearly understand the impact of self-identity vs. striving to be someone they are not. It’s a controversial debate which leads me to wonder….Are we simply returning to a postmodernism feminism movement? Are we simply exercising our creativity? Or do we have much more pressing issues at hand.       
Artwork Credit: Ketty Jerry

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