A Quick Curling Method

I use to spend endless hours twisting my hair and then curling my hair with satin rollers to create super-tight curly styles. To guard against breakage, I used end papers to protect the ends prior to roll setting my hair. Unfortunately, it was extremely time-consuming. For the past six months, I’ve perfected my curly twist outs by creating African knots also knows as, “Bantu Nubian Knots.” This traditional style can be worn on its own or you can unloose the knotted twist to create a curly fro with the absence of the extra time of using rollers to curl the hair. I really enjoy the look much better than rollers because it’s a more free-flowing, creative style. In addition, my hair always seems to come out different each time I style it. Of course, with natural hair, you never can tell how a style will come out because it naturally does its own thing which makes it fun yet unpredictable. Once you’re comfortable with working with your hair, you will be able to create a fresh, unique style on those “Not so good hair days.”

Preparing the Look  30-45 minutes

I would recommend using a water-based moisturizer prior to twisting. I usually secure each knot with a hair pin. On the same day that I release the knotted twist, I apply coconut oil or “Better Braids Almond Oil Spray” for extra sheen. This style will last for approximately two days but it also depends on your hair texture and if you twisted your hair on wet or dry hair. Wet hair will hold the curl for a longer period of time than dry twist.

Photo credit:  Blue Nile

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