Six Do’s and Dont’s for Maintaining Healthy Hair

It is a myth that natural hair is too coarse, too rough or too strong to suffer damage. Although natural hair is not as fragile as chemically-processed hair, it is often mistakenly abused and mistreated.

From personal experience, I have also experienced severe breakage and damage due to dry, brittle hair. Through trial and error, I have seen what works and does not work well to growing healthy hair.

Hair should not be taken for granted. Tight hairstyles or the wrong products can cause damage as well as not allowing hair to breathe by wearing weaves or wigs regularly. Hair is often neglected while wearing synthetic hair because of laziness or just feeling like you do not have to spend as much time maintaining it. 

It’s also important to maintain the correct PH balance and moisture. Many things that we do to our hair can strip the hair of well-needed moisture. Hair coloring, braids and maintenance tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and abusive combing are the most overlooked causes of damage not to mention an unhealthy diet. In addition, tugging, pulling and parting the hair too hard is brutal to the overall health of the hair.

So whether you are natural or choose to chemically-process your tresses, many factors are relevant to maintaining and improving the overall health of your hair.
Maintaining Healthy Hair


1. Do shampoo and condition regularly.
2. Do read the labels of products to ensure safe ingredients free from sulfates, petroleum and other harmful ingredients.
3. Do moisturize daily.
4. Do trim hair at least once every (3) months to eliminate dead ends.
5. Do allow enough time to wash, condition and style hair. Often, rushing and tiredness increase unnecessary breakage and damage to hair.

6. Do eat healthy meals regularly including drinking lots of water.

Do Not:

1. Do not use excessive force or pressure while styling hair
2. Do not wear repetitive hair styles including headbands or tight hairdo’s which can cause hair loss also known as traction alopecia.
3. Do not use excessive heat on a regular basis.

4. Do not keep switching hair products which can cause breakage. Once you find what works for your hair stick with it.
5. Do not grow frustrated with the time involved with the hair growth process. Proper maintenance including patience and care on a daily basis is a necessary ingredient to grow healthy hair which is something you do not have to purchase at the beauty supply store.

6. Do not compare your hair issues, problems, appearance and hair texture to others. You are an original. Be the queen that you are.

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