Maintaining Beauty at All Cost

Ethnic hair has always commanded attention. Our unique and diverse textures with the ability to “Stand on its own” literally, makes Afrocentric hair a statement all its own when you decide to be a natural.

There’s an essence of confidence that evolves from the core of the soul which embodies strength and character that marks a transparent and simplistic nature.

No matter what the texture, it speaks loud and has been a controversial, as well as a conversational piece for decade’s even centuries. Despites negative or positive attitudes about black hair. It’s the root of our beauty and is a defining moment in our current culture.

In today’s world, there are no set rules or stereotypical images. It’s the freedom of choice. Black hair is a big deal and a big topic in our communities. It’s also a big part of the “Black experience,” as well as making big profits in the beauty industry.

Unfortunately, the revenue generated is not going back into the African-American communities. Rarely, do we find “Black owned” beauty supply stores or human hair suppliers. Fortunately, there are a few black owned product lines or beauty salons, however the majority of the revenue is earned by Asian and Indian owned beauty supply stores and from countries importing human hair to the United States.

As we continue to strive for ultimate beauty, let’s also remind ourselves that we should pay more attention to what’s coming out of our wallets and what’s being sown onto our hair or smeared onto our scalps for the sake and declaration of beauty.

This is by no means suggesting a boycott or banning the beauty industry. Lord knows, women want their hair “Did.” It’s just being aware that the same power we give to others, we also embody within. Our spending decisions fuel the market. Consumers are more knowledgeable about what they are purchasing and they are demanding better products on the market which is a definite plus.

However, I’ve noticed over the years how natural hair products have dramatically increased because of the demand. The increase has little to do with the economy. In fact, I believe it has more to do with product lines producing more natural ingredients in such a competitive market. Their product has to stand out among the rest. The cost of packaging and marketing also a plays a role in pricing. The brand must be strong to influence the customer. The average women just wants to look good despite the cost and they will go to many extremes to make themselves feel good. They are not looking at marketing strategies or revenues made at their expense.

Women wear their hair natural for many different reasons. I cannot speak for the masses, but I believe a percentage of women who wear natural hair decided to express and hone their natural beauty. It was also beneficial because wearing natural hair was cost effective and saved time in beauty salons, but in the end it has become increasingly expensive. No matter how you decide to wear your hair, it will cost. The power of consciousness and experience merging with knowledge leads to wisdom. So, in the end, just be wise with your choices.

Photo Credit: A Toast 2 Wealth

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