How to Find a Professional Beauty Salon and a Great Stylist

There are so many beauty salons in a local community which makes it very hard to find the right stylist.

It’s very challenging to find a stylist who listens to you, accommodates your needs, diagnoses and solves hair concerns and really provides great service. It’s almost as important as finding an accredited doctor or dentist.

Most people find a hair stylist by referrals, but in some cases, you may not have a direct referral, especially if you just moved to a new location. It’s especially hard to find a good salon when you’re natural because many stylist do not want to work with natural hair texture.

There are a few key things to contemplate prior to selecting a salon.

1.    Pay attention to the appearance of the salon; cleanliness and organization is priority.

2.    How do they treat their regular customers? Do they acknowledge you when you walk in? Is the environment comfortable? Is the equipment such as the heating tools, shampoo station, chair and towels in good condition?

When selecting a stylist, there are many things to consider:

1.    A professional salon treats their clients with respect which includes actively listening the customer’s needs and desires.

2.    Do you have to wait for long periods of time even though you scheduled an appointment? Do they accept walk-in customers?

3.    Do you feel welcomed? Do you feel rushed? Ignored?

4.    Do other clients look satisfied with their service?

5.    Are you satisfied with the results?

The evaluation of choosing a salon and stylist is common sense, but you should never feel pressured or obligated to continue going to a salon if you’re not satisfied with their services or results. Many times women, as well as men continue to spend their money while receiving poor services.

It is very critical when you place your appearance into someone else’s hands which could lead to hair loss, chemical damage or just a terrible haircut.  Your appearance is valuable and effects the way you feel about yourself. So, it may seem like a very basic, no-nonsense topic to discuss, but so many people continue to overlook.

Photo Credit:  My Long Hair Journey

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