Spring Forward: Attend a Natural Hair Event

Most naturalist has attended a natural hair expo. However, if you have never experienced one, this would be a great time to research local events in your area.

Normally, a natural hair expo markets many brand name hair products to sample or purchase. There is a host that gives a presentation on hair care and maintenance, beauty tips and even several hair stylists that showcases new, upcoming hair styles or stages a hair show.

Depending on where you live, you may have access to a wide variety of hair shows to choose from, but if you live in a rural or suburban setting, it may be very difficult to find one.

A great online resource is the Meetup website. It is an online networking group based on interest in your local community. Just create an account and complete an online profile. If you cannot find a natural hair group or event, you have the option to start your own.

You may even decide to create a hair product swap event. You can even get creative and include a makeover session such as Mary Kay or have a jewelry trunk party. You can host an event, invite your friends and bring your own products to share information or give away fairly unused products that you may have tried once, but did not enjoy. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s a great way to try new products without spending tons of cash.

One well-known annual hair event is the Atlanta Hair Expo presented by Taliah Waajid which is usually held in the Spring and Fall. Their next event will be on April 27-28th in Atlanta, Georgia. 

If you haven’t heard of this event, you really need to check it out. This event is worth a trip and you will definitely have lots of fun. You will come back with a wealth of knowledge, meet a bunch of naturalists, and not to mention, a bag full of goodies.

Another big event is the hair show presented by Bronner Bros.will be held on April 17-20th in Atlanta.

Have you attended a natural hair event? Share your experience in the comments section.If you know about an upcoming event in your area, post your information or link below.

Photo Credit: Bing.com

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