Product Review: ORS Hair Fertilizer

If you are struggling with hair damage or hair loss, I highly recommend, “ORS Hair Fertilizer,” to your daily regimen. This product has been on the market for a very long time, but you would be surprised how many people have never tried it in such a competitive market.

I’m not about only blogging the latest products that have hype reviews, but awakening the older products that have gained customer’s confidence, sustained buyer’s satisfaction and longevity in the market.

The thick, creamy formula provides the right mix of nutrients including natural ingredients of nettle, soybean oil and horsetail. This is exactly what damaged hair needs to promote growth.

From my experience, it instantly stopped my breakage and eliminated split ends. I also feel it thickens hair over a period of time. It works well with other products. However, I would not recommend using with other herbal products which may interfere with the product’s ingredients. I believe mixing herbal products may  counter-react and possibly cause hair loss.

As a testimonial, I used it after I had a severe problem spot on the nape of my neck and my hair grew back with amazing length. The key is to be consistent. Just because you don’t see immediate results, does not mean the product isn’t working or isn’t any good. You can definitely tell if a product is working by how your hair feels after using the product a couple of times.

ORS Hair Fertilizer will definitely prove beneficial to satisfying results for all hair textures, especially if you are trying to maintain healthy hair.

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