Product Review: Curl Unleashed

After using, “Curl Unleashed,” Curl Defining Creme by Organic Root Stimulator, I was not exactly pleased with how my hair felt on my 4c texture. However if you have a slightly looser curl pattern, maybe this product will work for you.

I felt it was very drying and made my hair stiff which I found surprising since in contains only natural ingredients like safflower oil, sweet almond  oil and shea butter. I really don’t understand why my hair didn’t respond with positive results.

I immediately returned the product to Walgreen’s without hesitation. I’m not one to return hair products, so you must really know that I was unhappy with the product!

At the time when I purchased the product, I didn’t even realize that (ORS) manufactured this product which really took me by surprise. As a long-time customer of ORS, I feel this product proves unfavorable as far as a styling aid. However, ORS products, in general, is still one of my favorite staple product lines in my daily regimen.

Feel free to leave your comments about your experience below.

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