How to Deal with Shrinkage on Natural Hair Textures

Due to the extreme weather changes, you may be struggling with extreme moisture and dew levels in the air which poses a problem for natural hair textures. Even though our locks loves moisture, it poses a problem when styling. A normal two-strand twist-out may not hold the defined curl pattern or it may tend to shrink up or frizz. Pressing hair during the summer is not an option since it usually defeats the purpose and shrinks right back up due to sweat, heat and humidity.

The key is having patience. If you do not mind your hair shrinkage, you can simply wear a decorative headband and sport a short TWA. Another alternative is finding a product that specializes in stretching the hair. You may want to try: Curl Prep Moisturizing Conditioner.

Another option is a technique called banding which stretches the hair. It may eventually still lead to shrinkage during the day but it may help deter the shrinkage. 

You can also embrace your shrinkage by using a hair steamer such as the Hueitful Steamer or the QRedew Handheld Steamer. Or if you happen to be in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you can stop by the Hueitful Salon.

Steaming works best before or after shampooing including adding your favorite deep conditioner or hair mask which will enhance the natural curl pattern. Use a curl defining cream for styling. Don’t forget to add your favorite essential oils such as olive, argan, almond or coconut to seal the ends which tends to be the driest part of your hair. It will also supply a high gloss sheen.

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