Virgin Flaxseed Oil Review

I recently found virgin flaxseed oil in my local grocery store which I have not seen before. I’ve heard of women purchasing flaxseed and cooking it into a gel or paste to put into their hair, but I just haven’t had the patience to try this myself.

Photo Source: Practicalpedal

So, I was quite excited to come across a pure virgin oil in the store. I have to admit it was a hard choice choosing between flaxseed oil and avocado oil which is equally beneficial for the hair and which I also found on the shelf. However, both was a bit pricey, so I decided to try only one of the oils. The flaxseed oil won over my curiosity.

I recently mixed about 10 drops of the flaxseed oil into the Hair Fertilizer, which is a cream based hair product, by Organic Root Stimulator (ORS). I didn’t want to change the consistency of the product because my hair responds well to cream based products, so I just added enough oil to be able to notice the mixture get a little loose. Fortunately, within a day the cream thickened to its normal consistency again.

I followed up by setting my hair into a two strand twisted Bantu knot style and secured with bobby pins and a satin bonnet. The next morning, I noticed my hair had a smoother texture and had extreme curl definition rather than when I just used the Hair Fertilizer by itself. 

My hair did not feel greasy and it was very well moisturized. I plan on using the flaxseed oil along with additional hair products to aid in my overall hair regimen. I believe it would also make a great hot oil treatment for the hair. Flaxseed oil is also known for its high Omega 3’s that is a great natural oil to use in your diet.

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