Styling Tools for Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Pixabay
With so much emphasis on natural hair products, styling tools can be overlooked, but it is very important in maintaining healthy hair. If you are not using the proper styling tools or handling them properly, it may cause damage and breakage to the hair. You must take the time to find the essential tools that will groom your locks to health. 

Being a product junkie will not help if you do not maintain it correctly.  It helps to invest in the basic styling tools such as a wide tooth comb, wet detangler comb and styling aids that will not rip or tear the hair such as headbands that do not have metal attachments or bobby or hair pins with a bulb on the ends to protect the hair from snagging. These are the basics which many naturals already know.

There has been much discussion on YouTube about the denmond brush. However, I cannot comment on the use of this tool since I have not used it. 
Personally, I’ve been on a quest to find styling tools that are less damaging to natural hair.  Hair steamers are great to increase moisture in the hair. It should be used prior to shampooing to open the hair shaft which is similar to steaming the face when you open the pores prior to cleansing your skin.

If you desire to stretch your hair, it would be a good idea to invest in a good ceramic hair dryer.If you prefer not to use heat, you can use the banding method. It’s best not to use direct heat often on the hair. It can ultimately change the texture of the hair if heat is applied on a regular, consistent basis. The ends will eventually become straight and will not revert back to its natural state and it will eventually cause damage.

The manufacturers of hair dryers and flat irons have improved the features and product design to accommodate the requirements needed to maintain natural hair. It’s important to purchase a blow dryer that has many setting options such as high, medium and low heat applications. 

Also, it’s important to have several types of attachments which provide different results such as a concentrator, diffuser and attachment comb. It’s also important to have the option for a cool blast of air in which hair can be cooled down in case of sweating at the roots while blow drying the hair or if hair gets too hot to hold.

While blow drying, always move the drying in a down or side motion so the natural hair curl pattern will not be disrupted. Hair can be easily broken and cause breakage if dryers or flat irons are not used properly.

While flat ironing, never use oil on the hair prior to flat ironing. It will burn the hair and may cause damage. It’s best to protect the hair with a leave in conditioner, hair serum or heat protectant made for curling or blow drying the hair. 

Here are some other great, unique styling tools including demonstration and final results! 

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