Product Review: Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner

I was surprised, in more ways than one, when I tried Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner. The conditioner contains a combination of coconut milk, whipped, egg white proteins that add strength and elasticity and coconut oils to add hydration and balance.

I prepped my hair the night before with raw coconut oil and two-strand twisted my hair. I find that my hair is better moisturized during my shampoo routine after using coconut oil the night before. After loosing my twists, I used a mixture of natural oils as a hot oil treatment.

Product Results

After rinsing the oils from my hair, I used the Organix’s conditioner as a pre-poo.  As soon as I put the conditioner in my hair, I immediately felt the product working. The white, thick, creamy conditioner quickly absorbed into my hair and provided intense moisture. I did not have to use much product and it provided a lot of lather and slip. I really enjoyed the application process. It truly was an OMG moment! It also has a wonderful coconut scent that enriched the experience. I couldn’t get over how smooth it glided through my hair. I had planned to use it as an instant conditioner so I only left it on for a few minutes and thoroughly rinsed it out.

I followed up with Shea Moisture shampoo and Shea Moisture Deep Mask Treatment.
I was surprised that my hair did not feel as moisturized after shampooing as it normally does. I was quite disappointed after washing out the coconut milk conditioner. It felt dry and did not detangle very well.

I’m actually glad that I did prep my hair the night before with coconut oil and a hot oil treatment prior to conditioning. I felt it would have been a disaster due to the fact that I had small knots at some ends that I had to trim. If I didn’t prep my hair, I would have had a lot more damage to my hair.

The reason that I know it wasn’t the Shea Moisture line is because I use their products on a regular basis and I’m always pleased with the results.  You can read more on Shea Moisture Products.

Pay Attention to the Details

After reading the ingredients in very fine print, I realized that it does contain Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetyl Alcohol which is very drying to the hair and is the second ingredient listed which means that it provides the most ingredient within the product.

I did not realize the ingredients until I got a magnifying glass to review the ingredients prior to writing this review. The print was too fine to read in the store and I automatically assumed that it would be a great product due to the list of ingredients on the front of the bottle which led me to believe that coconut was the main ingredient. Unfortunately, I later found out that coconut oils is listed at the bottom of the ingredients which means that it has less coconut ingredients than it represents.

Final Thoughts

Although I wasn’t pleased with this conditioner, I’m sure it works well for other hair types besides 4c hair. However, I believe that it’s best to use the Organix product line together to achieve the best results. I’m not at all going to provide a bad review about this product because of the immediately feel during the application process, but I cannot recommend this product due to the fact that it contains alcohol in the ingredients. As you know, alcohol is a big no, no to have in hair products. The biggest factor is that I felt the product is misleading to the consumer.
I do feel that products works best when you stick with the same line and not all products are made for all hair types so that’s why I give it a fair review.

If you plan on purchasing this product, buy at your own risk. I would recommend that you add moisture in your hair prior and after use.

Lessons learned:
  • Pay close attention to the ingredients prior to purchasing any product.
  • Stay away from fine print which means the manufacturer is probably not telling the consumer all they need to know upfront about the product.
  • Stick to the same product line which provides the best results
  • It’s best to prep your hair with oils prior to trying any new hair products to safeguard 
  • against possible damage.
If you would like to try this product for yourself, please click link below.

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