How to Make a Rose Water Conditioning Spray That Promotes Hair Growth

Rose water is great for promoting hair growth. It treats hair loss and stimulates the scalp. It helps nourish and strengthen the hair follicles. It also heals inflammation on the scalp.

Listed below is a simple recipe that can be applied to hair as a moisturizing spray before setting hair or after your regular shampoo regimen. Ingredients can be found at your local grocery or health food store. 

You should sterilize your water bottle and all tools used prior to mixing. Simply rinsing with alcohol or peroxide will disinfect your tools sufficiently. Rinse all tools with distilled water to ensure alcohol or peroxide residue is washed out.

You can also purchase rose water at the health food store to save time and add the rest of the ingredients below. However, if you want to add the rosemary leaves, it will need to boiled and strained prior to mixing.

You will need the following ingredients:

a bowl of fresh rose petals
organic rosemary leaves
12 fl. oz. spray bottle
6 fl. oz. bottle of distilled water
4 fl. oz of aloe vera juice
2 tsp. rosemary oil
1/4 tsp. glycerin
½ tsp. lavender oil, lemongrass, vanilla or other scent

1 tbsp. your choice of almond, jojoba, vitamin E or olive oil

Boil the rose petals and fresh rosemary with distilled water in a pot until flower color fades and rosemary becomes soft. Strain the water into a bowl; let cool.

Add all ingredients into the spray bottle including the combination of rose water and rosemary water. Shake well.

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