The Babyliss Pro TT Steam Flat Iron

I’ve been researching and comparing different styling tools and finally decided to purchase this one. I feel the most important feature was the fact that the flat iron produces steam. I was seeking an iron that would be gentle on my 4c hair type. I don’t use heat on my hair regularly so I wanted a styling tool that protects the hair yet is highly effective.

When I received the package in the mail, I was completely surprised with the packaging of the product. It definitely has a “WOW’ factor! This would make a great Christmas gift, birthday or even Mother’s Day gift!

I was highly impressed with the packaging. The flat iron came in a white, glossy, hard bound box which has a flip top. I was pleasantly surprised to find a DVD enclosed which provides a brief video which demonstrates the features of the product. The flat iron is nested in a soft, black velvet packaging which holds the flat iron in place. It includes a water bottle which has a narrow spout made for the reservoir container which holds the water.

I especially love the sleek, smooth contour design. It is pearl white and the name is boldly branded on the top of the flat iron.

Highlighted Features:

Tourmaline Plates

The Babyliss Pro consists of tourmaline titanium technology. The plate is lined with a silicone heat mat that protects the surface from scratches. It is smooth to the touch and has a retractable comb feature that can be adjusted to two different levels or if you prefer, you can eliminate the comb feature all together. The plate is much longer than I expected. Unfortunately, I feel it might be a bit awkward while pressing the back of my hair. However, it would cover a large portion of hair to eliminate time spent on styling.

Exclusive Steam Feature

It provides three settings that releases steam: Low, high or no steam.

Reservoir Compartment

It has a small reservoir container which has a lock feature which allows you to pop out the plastic reservoir case to add the water. Due to safety reasons, no other contents should be added to the container besides water. It also includes an additional reservoir container for use. It did take a few minutes to figure out how to slide out the plastic container and how to lock it back into place. It is also a very small container which makes me wonder how long will it take for it to evaporate into steam before having to refill it again while styling.

Temperature Gauge

The temperature settings ranges from 240 F degrees to 465 F degrees. It has 40 individual settings which makes it easily adjustable to all hair types. I truly like the variety of options that the flat iron provides which makes it an unique styling addition to my collection.

Photo Credits: Natural Raw Essence

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