Product Review: Shea Moisture Extra-Moisture Detangler

I just tried the new detangler from the Shea Moisture line. I was slightly disappointed with the final results of using this product. As you may know, I rave about Shea Moisture products so this experience has caught me by surprise.

I used avocado oil as my hot oil treatment. I shampooed and deep conditioned using Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter which is in the same line as the detangler (golden label).

Product Description

The detangler is a clear, white lotion with a non-existent scent (unless you stick your nose in the bottle) in which you would notice a very light perfume scent similar to the Raw Shea Butter Shampoo. The consistency is very thick, yet lightweight lotion once applied to the hair.

If you are not familiar with Shea Moisture products, it does not contain any sulfates, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, PABA or synthetic or animal ingredients. The key ingredients in the detangler includes sea kelp, argan oil and shea butter. You do not have to use a lot of product on the hair because it’s very concentrated, so a little product goes a long way.

The Application Process

I applied a quarter size amount on small portions of my hair and immediately combed through each section once applied.

I was surprised that it did not provide any slip. It is definitely not what I expected.  I also didn’t feel like it was really doing much of anything. The product did not detangle my hair any differently, but I did notice that it stretched my hair slightly. It also enhanced my natural curl pattern.

After applying the detangler throughout my hair, I used NattyOil Hair Food which contains jojoba oil. I followed up with the Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture which instantly infused with the detangler and sealed in the moisture. I liked how the two products worked together. It definitely provided definition to my hair.

Final Results


 As I worked with each section, I noticed how the detangler locked in the moisture. I did not feel I needed to use my spray bottle of water to keep my hair damp as I twisted my hair. This product definitely needs to be used on wet or damp hair. It is not intended for dry hair because it is activated by water and acts as a sealant.

By adding the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, it just enhanced the whole application process. It was super moisturized and provided small ringlets of curls. I was surprisingly pleased with how soft my hair was after using the product.

A few days later, I noticed my hair was still well moisturized. I also noticed shrinkage however I really didn’t have use much oil or cream to re-twist my hair.


However, the only thing I didn’t like was the film it left on my hands in which it felt very strange. It was not greasy, sticky, tacky or gummy, but it does leave a residue similar to hair gel. I just couldn’t get past the feeling of the product. It was very hard to rinse off of my hands! It just wouldn’t come off!!! The strange thing about it was that I didn’t even use a lot of the product on my hair.

After touching my hair a few hours later, I felt that it still left a deposit of gel on my fingers. It does not contain glycerin, but it does feel like it contains an ingredient that is very similar to it. Unfortunately, I do not like the feel of glycerin in my hair. I just didn’t like how my hair felt after using it. It also took very long to dry.

By day 3, my hair felt slightly dry and I was very anxious to shampoo the product out of my hair.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I do feel that Shea Moisture products has revolutionized the hair care industry. So far I have not used one of their products that I can’t say that I didn’t like completely besides the curling soufflé.

I have mixed feeling on this product. Even though the detangler leaves your hair well-moisturized, I don’t feel that I would purchase it again because of how it felt on my hair. 

It also does not detangle the hair at all. I actually found it difficult to comb. I feel it might be better to apply using the shingle method to define the curls. I also feel it would be better to use in the summer months because it takes too long to dry. Who wants to walk around with cold, wet hair in the winter?

A Matter of Opinion

The detangler does not need to be used as often so you save on the usage of the product. After a few days, I still felt my hair was well-moisturized and it felt super soft.

You will have to follow up to add moisture after 2 or 3 days which is not bad because most products that I’ve tried does not hold moisture in your hair that long. However, it also depends on your hair type and texture so you will have to use your own judgment.

The extra-moisture detangler does deliver extra moisture as promised, however I feel the company may have missed the mark by calling it a detangler. In my opinion, they should of called it an “Extra Moisture Booster” or even a “Leave-in Moisturizer or Sealant.” But heck, what do I know?

Photo Credit:  Natural Raw Essence

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