Product Review: TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protection Spray

I was researching heat protectants to use for blow drying my hair and decided to try this one. I have not applied heat to my hair since 2011, so I was quite nervous yet anxious to see the results.

The Process:

After shampooing and conditioning, I was unsure if I should use additional products prior to applying heat. I decided not to apply oils or any other creams because I didn’t want anything to counteract the heat protectant spray so I used the product by itself. I also didn’t feel comfortable using oils prior to the heat application process because it tends to fry the ends of the hair causing damage.

300x250 CHI

I think the next time I use this product I will definitely use a leave-in conditioner as well as a cream based moisturizer to coat my strands before using the heat protectant spray.

The only reason why I would add additional protection is because I felt the spray alone left my hair feeling dry. It felt like it needed an extra coating of moisture because it felt a bit straw-like.
I divided my hair into small sections and sprayed each section on damp hair prior to blow drying. I enjoyed the fresh, clean scent. I noticed that the blow dryer glided smoothly through my strands with ease.

The Results:

I do feel the product is wonderful for protecting the hair. I was very amazed at how sleek my hair felt after blow drying each section. However, I noticed that once my hair was completely dried, the spray left my hair feeling dry.

I also liked the well-designed bottle which has an anti-lock feature which is great for travel.

It’s a keeper, but I don’t plan on using it regularly because I don’t use heat very often in my hair.

You may find this product works fabulous on permed hair or to use on straighter hair textures. It also works well on natural hair but I would recommend adding additional moisturizers for better results.

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