Three Simple Must-Haves On Shampoo Day

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These three basic gizmos to make your winter hair regimen easier.

A plastic container:

Heat a cup of water in the microwave, simply add your favorite base oil to the container and dip to warm. Water should be boiling hot. Oils tend to heat quickly so microwave only for a minute or less to avoid burns to the scalp.

The sleek design provides a curved edge which comfortably nests the oil in the water. It also has a wide opening to pour a mixture of oils easily into the container. No fuss, mess or clean up. Found at Target.

The Turbie Twist:

A great and handy accessory to use, especially during the cold, winter months. This simple towel is great to wear during your deep conditioning process. It keeps your head warm and the towel stays in place due to the small elastic band which secures the towel from sliding off your head. Just put over your conditioning cap and secure. You can finish errands or simply relax during the 1 to 2 hour waiting process. Fits short to medium hair lengths. Found at Target, Walmart or Amazon.

A flannel cap:

This is a great addition to your satin or silk bonnet. The extra warmth allows oils to penetrate your hair and scalp while you sleep at night. It does not make your head sweat yet it holds in the heat. Just simply put it over your bonnet or scarf after you have twisted or braided up your hair at night. Works wonders when using coconut oil or Shea butter as a pre-conditioning treatment the night before your shampoo day. 

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