Product Review: Shea Moisture Three Butters Styling Smoothie

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The product consists of a combination of shea, mango and avocado butters. It’s a dense, white, creamy lotion. I used it on wet hair prior to blow drying. It’s a grease-less substance that absorbs beautifully in my 4c extra coarse hair texture. I know it works wonderfully on dry hair as well because I used a small portion on my ends after blow drying to add an extra layer of moisture. Even though it’s a water-based cream, it is very rich and thick.  I actually liked that it did not have any slip. Unfortunately, the product did not add sheen to my hair but it’s great for moisturizing. There is absolutely no shrinkage once applied to blow dried hair! I’m also looking forward to using it on a two-strand twist out.

I especially enjoyed the smooth texture. It’s amazing that such a heavy cream does not weight the hair down. It melts directly into the hair. It’s very creamy and there’s not one sign of stickiness. There was absolutely no residue left on my hands or on my hair. It is very concentrated so you do not have to use much product on your hair. It also has a pleasant light fragrance.

It’s a miracle cream! Love, love, love it!!! One staple to add to my shelf forever!

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