How to Get Shiny Natural Hair? Three Secret Steps for Shine

You may struggle with achieving shiny natural coils on a daily basis. Natural hair tends to look dry, brittle and dull even when it is properly moisturized. It does not hold a vibrant shine because the hair cuticle is tightly coiled. Since the curl pattern is very tight, it has open spaces in the hair shaft so oils do not reach the whole surface. When you stretch your hair or wear straighter styles, it is more likely to hold a sheen because the hair closes the gaps of space in the curl pattern. Once the hair cuticle is flattened, the hair surface becomes smoother and looks a lot shinier.

Three Ways to Achieve Shiny Hair

By using carrier oils and essential oils on the hair after shampooing and deep conditioning, is one important step in the way to promote shiny, moisture-balanced hair. The well-known LOC method is the best process to ensure proper moisture is sealed into the hair shaft. By adding a water-based product, an oil of your choice and hair cream such as a hair butter or smoothie works well and enhances the natural shine on coarser hair textures.

The second thing that works well is choosing a protective hair style. When hair is weaved or knitted together in a braided or twisted style, it reflects a stronger shine. When hair is protected from the air, especially during cold, winter months, it helps to protect the ends from exposure which dries the hair tremendously. 

Natural hair thrives in the summer months when there is humidity in the air and hair shaft opens up due to the heat. However, in the cold months, hair retracts and it closes up the shaft leaving it feeling extra dry and brittle. It’s very similar to how the pores on your face open and closes in warm or cold water. By leaving hair protected, it allows strands to be shielded from the harsh winter elements.

Third, by applying a low source of heat such as blow drying will provide a smoother curl pattern to allow oils to penetrate the hair cuticle which allows shinier hair. However, if you decide to blow dry, you should always use a heat protectant prior to you blow drying process. 

Any type of heat is very drying to the hair and can cause hair damage or breakage. Preferably, use the LOC method prior to blow drying to retain moisture and safeguard your natural coils. I would even recommend adding an extra layer of hair butter or cream after the hair has been dried to replace any moisture lost in the drying process. I would not recommend applying heat on a regular basis because it eventually does weaken the natural hair texture and changes the curl pattern of the hair. Always, always, always be gentle with your hair!

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