Product Junkie Over Haul; Learning What Works For You

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If you are considering the big chop and trying to decide if jumping on the natural hair journey is right for you, if may seem very confusing with all the products out there.

When I look back on my natural hair journey, I cannot believe how many products I’ve tried. I’ve been through so many different stages and hair regimens that it really makes me wonder about my hair obsession. 

I’m continually learning and the journey never ends. I just want to recommend from my experience that when you do find a product line that works on your hair, whether your natural or chemically processed, that you should stick to it. There is nothing worse than constantly switching or mixing brands and experiencing hair damage due to curiosity, inconsistency or indecisiveness. It also saves you a ton of money once you know what works for you.

It has been an amazing journey and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t transitioned to at least try it once. It is one definite way to really gain thicker and healthier hair.

Cheers to your journey!

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