When to Use a Protein Treatment

There are two major components to maintaining healthy hair. You need to have a balance between moisture and protein to maintain strong, shiny, hair.
Hair is made up 70 to 80% of protein. 

When hair becomes limp or does not snap back to a natural curl pattern, it can possibly mean that you have over moisturized your hair.

Protein constantly needs to be replenished due to shampooing which automatically strips the hair of a small percentage of protein each time you wash.

To aid in keeping hair strong, there are three types of protein treatments used depending on the condition of your hair.

§     Severely Damaged Hair

Reconstructorsare very harsh protein treatments that reconstructs the hair shaft that has been severely damaged. Needs to be used carefully. It can lead to damage hair causing breakage, if not used incorrectly or if you use too often.

§  Moderate Damaged Hair

A deep penetrating treatment that can be used bi-weekly to restore strength.

§  Slightly Damaged Hair

Use a protein pack or light treatment at least once per month to restore lost proteins.

There are a few key ingredients to look for in a protein conditioner:

Collagen improves elasticity.

Keratin strengthens and improves manageability.

Wheat protein adds strength and retains moisture.

Milk protein provides strength and added moisture.

Silk protein softens hair.

Soy protein acts as an humectant which draws moisture to the hair.
***Beauty Tips***

If hair is severely thin or fragile, steer away from heavier and thicker, cream-based products that weigh the hair down. It’s best to use lighter consistency products until hair has a chance to heal, repair and replenish.

100% pure coconut water provides super strength and decreases shedding. It is a great substitute for your regular water spritz. Just add your favorite essential oil. Coconut water tends to tighten the skin so application should be used directly on the hair. It can cause irritation if used directly on the scalp.
DIY Alternative Protein Treatment; one to try:
Add ingredients. Mix well. Leave on for ½ – 45 min. No heat.
1 plain yogurt
1 egg
¼ Cup Mayo
1 Tbsp. Avocado or Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Castor Oil

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