Natural Hair Journey: Overcoming Product Junkie Temptation

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Ohhh,kay, I went to Target over this past weekend. It was not my intention to purchase any hair products. I was merely going there to return the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Conditioner which has stopped working in my hair for some reason. See my recent post.

I immediately found the Giovannti Triple Threat shampoo and conditioner which was misplaced on the shelf. I instantly threw it in my cart after reading the back of the bottle.

As I did my shopping, I eventually went down the hair aisle with internal resistance. “You know what I mean ladies,” when you truly know you don’t want to spend any more money on new products, but at the same time, you just have an urge to see if there is any new products on the shelf! Yeah, the product junkie is still in me!

Well, I found a Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Kids Extra Moisturizing Detangler. It was the last one on the shelf, so you know I grabbed that bad boy up! (Look forward to my next product review). However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking how I can’t afford to switch a product line that might cause more damage than it’s worth. So, I put back the Giovanni Triple Treat products. I told myself that I would stick to using Shea Moisture, but will change how often and how much I use to see if my hair results change.
After reviewing endless Youtube videos later that evening, I’m so glad that I didn’t buy the Giovanni Shampoo. 

Although they rated the product line extremely good for cleansing, they stated that it is very drying because it’s a clarifying shampoo which strips your hair of all gook and grime and that you definitely need to follow up with the conditioner to replenish the moisture.

It is sulfate free: ingredients contains peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus (great ingredients for the hair). I know this is not what my hair needs at the present moment. I’m so glad that I stuck to my guns.

However, I’m not saying that Giovanni is not a good product (especially since I didn’t even use it) I just know that my hair is screaming for a deep moisturizing shampoo.

Although I mentioned in my last post, I will be switching my shampoo. I’ve learned my lesson and thought I would share it with newbies or other product junkies that are still in the struggle!

I will stick with the Shea Moisture line. I might, however, purchase the Black Soap Shampoo within the Shea Moisture line (as an alternate cleansing shampoo) since I am dealing with dry hair and itchy scalp right now. I will also follow up with a product review at a later date.

What I’ve learned on my natural hair journey:

Lesson 1:

Paying close attention to your hair care needs is crucial for overall healthy hair vs. the curiosity of wanting to try a new product, “Just because.”

Lesson 2:

Be patient when using new products in your hair.  I’ve caused severe damage to my hair in the past from using multiple products. I did not allow enough time to find out if the product worked in my hair before bouncing to another product or simultaneously mixing product lines. 

Cheers to your Natural Hair Journey!
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