Natural Hair Regimen Update: Back to Basics Part 2 of 2

Dealing With Breakage and Hair Thinning

My natural hair journey has turned into a hairy, scary, emotional rollercoaster. I have to be honest with my readers. In fact, I actually lost enthusiasm for writing on my blog due to my own personal experience with hair breakage. 

I’ve decided to turn my pain into power to share my experience with others who may be dealing with the same problem.

If you haven’t read my first post (Part 1), you can read more by clicking here.

For the past (3) months, I’ve been suffering with extreme dryness. There are no flakes or redness on my scalp, however it’s extremely dry and itchy. Actually, my scalp looks completely healthy. 

I’ve suffered severe breakage in the crown area of my hair for no apparent reason. I have spotted regions of breakage from the root throughout my crown area. It has been very challenging to style my hair at this point.

Unfortunately, the only styling option I have is to wear a high puff at this point.

I never want to mislead anyone since I provide product reviews. I always want my posts to be authentic, transparent and as helpful as possible.

There are many factors that play a role in hair breakage such as: Tension styling, poor maintenance, health or stress related issues, wrong products used for hair type or poor diet.

Natural Hair Journey Update

Earlier I posted that the Shea Moisture line may have been the cause for the breakage. However, I don’t believe it was caused from the Shea Moisture line because my hair has only broken off in one specific area. I’m currently still using their products, but limited my use until my hair improves. I’ve paired down their products because I’ve noticed my hair texture was changing. Since I stopped using their products daily, my hair has gradually transitioned back to its original 4c texture.

Although I strongly do not feel the (gold label) works well in my hair, (after one year of use) I’m still using the Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Milk (orange label) occasionally. I switched my shampoo to the Shea Moisture Deep Cleansing African Black Soap Shampoo (black label). It is especially made for people with dandruff, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. (I will provide a product review at a later date.)

I’m also using the Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Volumizing Conditioner for thin and limp hair (green label) and Shea Moisture Kids Detangling Spray.
Seemingly, I do not want to aggravate my scalp even more and want to keep things simple, so I prefer not to switch product lines right now. I’m also just using natural oils such as: Coconut, avocado, olive, tea tree, almond and Vitamin E. I have stopped using Jamacan Black Castor Oil, as well as the Cold Pressed Castor Oil because it started to dry out my hair (unexpectedly). 

However, I’m currently still using Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Hair Crème and Hair Fertilizer along with Natty Hair Food (which was the one product that stopped my hair from dropping).

Is Daily Water Spritz Causing Dryness?

I noticed that water was also causing my hair to become excessively dry and brittle. I did not realize that water has the potential of damaging the hair depending on the region you may live.  Due to the harsh chemicals, minerals and hardness in the water, you must carefully test your water to ensure that it is safe.

I did not want to deviate from the LOC method because I do believe that water is the best way to lock in moisture. Nevertheless, my hair was dropping and I had to find a solution. Quick!

Simultaneously, I was also having a pain on my left side which I thought was a bladder infection. I immediately bought aloe vera juice which healed the pain in my side after drinking just one bottle! I also thought to try spraying some of it in my hair. It worked miracles!!! I saw Youtube videos recommending aloe vera juice for moisturizing hair, but I had no idea it was this good!!! Aloe vera juice is now my substitute for my daily water spritz!  
About the bladder infection, yes, unfortunately, I did self-diagnose and self-medicate myself which I do not recommend and do not endorse for anyone! (Please see your physician for medical conditions). 
My New LOC Method Regimen
Aloe Vera Juice
It aids in moisturizing and neutralizing the PH balance in the hair. With the first use, I felt a definite difference. It also stopped the single strand knots as attain length. My hair actually felt soft and moisturized.

If you still choose to detangle your coils with water, I would recommend using rosewater or distilled water.

Natty Oil Hair Food

I revisited the Natty Oil Hair Food once again. I don’t understand why I stopped using this product! It immediately slowed down the breakage and breakage is non-existent after continued use.

ORS Olive Oil Hair Dress Creme

I followed up with Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Hair Dress Crème which also strengthens the hair shaft and moistures dry and brittle hair.

By using these (3) products, I spared my hair from further breakage and I’m slowly recovering.

Please take into consideration that each person has a different genetic makeup and hair texture, so what works for me; may not work for you.
Please also note that I’ve been using Shea Moisture consistently for over (2) years now. Just because a product stops working in your hair doesn’t mean that the product is terrible. Like every love relationship, you may just need a break from time to time.

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