Product Review: Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This shampoo is especially made for someone dealing with dandruff, eczema or psoriasis.  

The three main ingredients include: 

  1. Plaintain enzyme which helps calm itching and irritation
  2. Tea tree oil which removes product buildup and aids as an antibacterial agent to cleanse the scalp 
  3. Willow bark extract which exfoliates and detoxifies the hair and scalp.

The consistency is very thin and runny (very similar to a liquid soap). Its amber color has a pleasant smell (Candy-like scent: Banana Now or Laters).

I wasn’t sure how it would work in my hair since I’ve suffered devastating hair breakage, but I was pleasantly surprised at the end result. During the application process, it did not lather at all. It did not feel like it was doing anything. I concentrated on massaging my scalp despite the lack of suds. I rinsed and reapplied. The second application had a slight lather but no overpowering soapsuds. I understand that a rich lather can strip the hair shaft so I was not too concerned about it. I was more concerned about how my scalp felt due to the severe itching and dryness.

300x250 SheaMoisture

After my second rinse, it felt unspeakably clean. I was expecting a tingling sensation due to the tea tree oil, but my scalp didn’t feel fresh or tingly, but it was definitely working even after I shampooed. My scalp was not itching at all. It also has an healing element that made my scalp feel anew. In fact, the best way to describe the feeling – my scalp actually felt numb.

The only thing I didn’t like about the product was that my hair felt glued together while washing it the second time. There was no slip at all. I was also careful not to tangle my strands as I massaged it.

My recommendation is that you definitely need to use the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner (Black label). If you prefer, you can use the Shea Moisture Volumizing Conditioner (Green label) which works well because it instantly softens and detangles the hair with lots of slip (including following up with the Shea Moisture Kids Detangling Spray).

During my repetitive use (over one month), my scalp has been healed of dry, itchy scalp. I’m also noticing I’m not suffering with dry, brittle hair and the breakage has stopped. I’m also starting to attain length. You can read more about my new hair regimen, please click here.

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