Product Review: African Royale M.O.M Miracle Oil Moisturizer

Many times older products can be overshadowed by newer products that flood the market. With so much competition on the shelves, it can be difficult for older products to get the proper recognition.

One product that I revisited recently is the African Royale M.O.M. Miracle Oil Moisturizer.  Many decades ago, I used the braid sheen spray by African Royale. I used the spray when I wore braid extensions which grew my hair beautifully. 

As time passed, I moved onto other products. With the boom of natural hair products, I took notice of the essential ingredients that sparked an interest for me to repurchase the product once again. Although it’s not completely organic, it does have some beneficial ingredients.

The moisturizer has 14 natural herbs which include:  Sheep sorrel, yarrow, wheat germ, slippery bark, sage, henna, comfrey, burdock root, goldenseal, cherry bark, black walnut, chamomile, alfalfa, and hyssop.

It also contains: Canola, Castor and Coconut Oils. Unfortunately, it also includes mineral oil which is definitely not healthy for the hair. It also contains aloe vera gel which is very moisturizing to dry, brittle hair.

300x250 Gelish

It is a light, creamy lotion that absorbs directly into the hair. Once applied, it slightly dampens the hair. I feel it’s best to use on dry hair, but it can also be used on wet hair. There is slight shrinkage, but it’s doable. It’s a great product to use for twists, braids or cornrows. It has a unique, pleasant scent that’s completely its own.

The downside is that it contains mineral oil. I do not use this product on a daily basis. However, I use it occasionally to add moisture into my hair during the week and in between wash days. I have not experienced any negative results from using the product over a period of time.

Some benefits include: 

1) It’s affordable (not as expensive as the other hair products on the market) 

2) Moisturizes the hair well 

3) Helps retain moisture for hair growth

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