As I Am Coconut Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner

I recently used the As I Am Co-wash Conditioner. This was my first experience co-washing my hair. Although I’ve watched many videos about co-washing, it just seemed unnatural. The whole process of not using a shampoo to wash my hair just seemed disturbing and unsettling to me.

However, I came across the conditioner at Walmart and decided to purchase it since I haven’t tried a new product in a while. I was also interested in finding a quick way to cleanse during the hot, summer months without stripping my hair.

This was also my first time using the As I Am hair product line. I did not apply any other product prior to co-washing because I did not want any interference with additional products.

The conditioner is a white, lightweight, creamy, yet lose consistency. It contains coconut, tangerine and castor oil including palmetto and phytosterols which promote healthy hair growth.

Quick Tips

I always extensively comb out my hair prior to wetting the hair to avoid detangling and breakage. While washing, I use the tips of my fingers to gently massage each area of my scalp (avoid nails which scratch the scalp) and make sure nails are neatly clipped to avoid snags.

Effortless Application Process

The application process was very smooth. The product provided a lot of slip and easily slide through my 4c hair texture. I massaged the product throughout my hair; first, starting with my scalp and working down to the ends. It had a light, pleasant scent.  I actually liked how the texture of my hair felt while massaging it.
My scalp felt refreshed. However, I did not feel that sensational cleansing component that you normally feel while shampooing. It provided a no-suds lather much like a conditioner.

Rinsing Was a Breeze

The product easily rinsed out of my hair with ease. It did not leave any sign of residue. I was very impressed with how easily the product washed out.

Carefree Comb Out

My hair was not knotted, tangled or snarled and the comb out was not dreadful or painful. I also did not have any signs of single strand knots which I’ve been dealing with since my hair is getting much longer. However, I would still recommend using your favorite leave-in conditioner during your comb out to help protect your ends and strengthen your hair.

Styling Process

I followed up with the LOC Method.  My hair was also super, super soft! I really liked the texture of my hair also. It was also well moisturized.

Final Thoughts

I always like to use a product more than once before providing a review, but I truly feel this product speaks for itself. The price is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other natural hair products on the market.

The As I Am product line has definitely peeked my interest and I look forward to trying additional products as well.

Hands down. The As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is a winner!

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