Product Review: As I Am Leave in Conditioner


Photo Credit by Natural Raw Essence

I was so excited to see the AS I AM Leave in Conditioner on the shelf at Target! Since I’ve using the co-wash cleanser, my hair has really transformed. As you may know, if you follow my journey, I’ve been struggling with: hair breakage, dryness and texture changes. I’ve taken a vacation from natural hair products and wanted to gradually transition into a new product line.

I was planning on ordering a few of the other AS I AM products on their website since I had such a positive result with their co-wash cleanser. When I saw this product on the shelf, I had to scoop it up.
Initial Reactions
After co-washing my hair with the AS I AM Co-Wash Conditioner, I used a nickel size of product on small sections of hair while (using the LOC method) applying: Flaxseed oil and ORS Olive Oil moisturizer to damp hair.
The conditioner is a light, white, opaque lotion. It has a yummy scent just like the co-wash conditioner. It contains coconut, alma, sugar beet root, green tea, lemon, apple, sugar cane, phytosterols and saw palmetto. The ingredients sounds good enough to eat!
The Application Process
The conditioner had a lot of slip and just glided through my hair with ease. It also provided me with an easy comb out. I did not use another other product besides the lock method so I could provide an objective product review. My hair also did not shed at all during the comb out, wash, condition and styling process. It was extremely soft, moisturized and manageable. I twisted my hair into two strand twist and allowed it to air dry.
Final Results
I’ve learned through constant product testing that final results are pending until the next day which is the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration.
When I woke up, I felt my twist and they were still moist which gave me reassurance in the product. However, by the end of the day, my hair was very dry (not brittle) but nevertheless, very dry. This was unexpected since the co-wash cleanser conditioner provided super moisture for several days after washing as a stand-alone product in my hair!
I’m simply dissatisfied with the final results. I also didn’t like how my hair felt. I could speculate and say It may of worked better if I possibly had the AS I AM butter cream or an additional moisturizer.
However, I’m skeptical of purchasing any other products besides trying their shampoo or deep conditioner at this point. This product is not a keeper for me and did not work well in my 4c hair texture. I’ll stick with using the AS I AM co-wash cleanser which does the job extremely well, thank you!
Of course, every hair type is different so it may work for you. As for me, I will be returning it.

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