The Secret Unleashed: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Through endless hair battles dealing with hair loss, breakage and other challenges, I’ve found out how to make your hair grow faster.

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with excessive amounts of hair products.

There are five main secrets to promoting healthy hair:
1.  Stop touching it. That’s right. The easiest part of growing natural hair is to leave it alone. The less manipulation and maintenance you encounter, the faster your hair will grow. However, genetics and age plays a determining factor.
Keep your fingers out of your hair. Constant combing, brushing and playing with hair can cause breakage.  For alternative styling options, you should consider wearing a clip-on hair extension or bun. Marley hair is the best option for the appearance of a natural look.  You can opt to wear a natural human hair wig to also protect your hair, but just make sure you keep up with proper daily moisturizing and weekly cleansing and conditioning to aid in healthy hair. Laziness is not an option.
2.  Protective hair styling proves to be extremely beneficial to expediting hair growth. Wearing scarves, head wraps or hats are also a stylish option. However, you should be wary of wool and cotton materials which dry the hair strands and sucks the oils out of your hair causing dryness and possible breakage. You can always wear your satin or silk bonnet under your head gear for added protection.
3.  Eat healthy. A balanced diet is the most effective way to grow your locks. As simple as it may sound, it is often the most neglected. Your hair is the last place to receive nutrients because it is distributed to your vital organs first. So if your body is lacking vitamins and proteins, your hair may be deficient and lack the proper nutrients. Finding the time to cook healthy meals and making wiser food choices will not only boost your energy but will also boost your hair growth.
4.  Exercise regularly. Take time out for athletics or sporting activities. Join a gym or dance class. Walk, jog or exercise at home. Whatever you decide to do, consistency is key to a healthy lifestyle which includes proper sleep. During exercise, you should also make it a point to sweat which releases endorphins that will give you that positive, feel-good, pick-me-up after a stressful day.
5. Moisture and castor oil is a marriage made in heaven for natural hair growth. This double duo is a strong component for accelerating hair growth. There are many forms of moisturizing besides water. For an alternative, you can use aloe vera juice, rosewater or distilled water.  Massaging with castor oil also helps thickens hair. However, castor oil has a very thick consistency which can block pores so it should not be used daily. It should also be distributed evenly throughout the hair down to the ends.
Remember:  Your scalp needs to breathe. It is a living organism unlike hair strands which is dead. Repetitive hair styles, tension or non-exposure to air and oxygen for long periods is also not helpful to attaining length. What you feed your hair from (the inside out) and (the outside in) — will eventually be revealed.
Hair growth is not an overnight process. Time, patience, energy and consistency is required. Once you adapt and commit to a healthy lifestyle and daily maintenance routine, you will notice that over time your hair will grow much faster.

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