Product Review: Revlon Diffuser Blow Dryer

Photo Credit:  Natural Raw Essence
                      I recently used the Revlon 1875 watt tourmaline, ionic, ceramic blow dryer. 


The best features includes: An optional ion switch, a hot, warm and cool switch with high and low settings and two detachable components (A diffuser and a concentrator).
Although I only used the blow dryer with the diffuser on damp already twisted hair, it did a quick job drying my twists.
Unfortunately, I found the dry to be fairly loud. It also has a long extension which made it awkward to hold, however it is lightweight so it wasn’t a strain to finish the daunting task of blow drying.  The diffuser is also over-sized which covers a large area at one time.  I did not see any difference in using the ion setting. My hair seemed to dry the same way.

I used a warm setting on high and then gradually switched it to a low setting once area was fairly dry.
I still prefer the Conair Infiniti Hair Styler instead, but this is a great alternative depending on what type of styling method you plan on using to dry your hair.
This blow dryer is economical and is a basic hair dryer to meet your styling options.

300x250 CHI

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