Product Review: Hair Growth Using Emu Oil

Photo Credit by Natural Raw Essence
Emu Oil is a lightweight, odorless and greaseless oil derived from the Emu bird. It is known to accelerate hair growth, promote extreme strength and sheen to the hair. I recently found this oil in my local health food store and decided to try it.
I’ve tried just about every oil and hair product to help slow down the breakage in the crown area of my hair including taking multivitamins, cod liver oil, fish oil and other supplements. Diet has always been my top priority.
Due to my lack of patience, I needed immediate solution to stop the breakage.
I tried Emu oil after washing my hair. I massaged my scalp with the oil before bed.
First thoughts about the oil:
I truly love it! It is not heavy or greasy at all. It has a very smooth feel and moisturizes the hair instantly.
When I styled my hair the next morning, it was very soft. The area of the crown that has dramatically transitioned to a very, coarse and brittle texture was much softer.
I’ve been blow drying my hair due to the severe texture change which has also helped reduce the breakage which had nothing to do with hair products or styling. For both textures to blend, I had to even out and smooth out the texture to reduce breakage which is an unique hair problem that I’ve never encountered on my hair journey until now.
Since I just started using the oil, I will continue to update my blog with my results as I experience my growth.  So far, I’m very pleased with how my hair feels. The key to results is consistency. Daily scalp massages will encourage growth.
Although Emu oil is very expensive, I would recommend this product if you’re having severe breakage or dealing with hair loss. If you want to grow your hair faster, I would recommend that you also try this oil.

Also, you should make sure it is 100% pure Emu oil. Many brands will mix Emu oil with other ingredients and the concentration will not be pure. 

As this oil gains popularity, I’m sure brands will claim that they have included Emu oil in their products so buyer beware! Shea butter and olive oil are great examples of this marketing skem.

Overall, I feel it’s still cheaper than getting a prescription or over the counter medication and much safer than injections. Well, worth the effort and dollars to regrow your hair naturally.
If however, you are suffering with severe hair loss, I would recommend seeking a physician which may be related to other health related issues.




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