Product Review: As I Am Defining Twist Cream


Photo Credit by Natural Raw Essence


I applied the L.O.C. method using flax seed oil as my oil of preference then applied the defining cream to damp hair.

It has a pudding-like consistency. I used this product along with the As I Am Co-Wash Conditioner and Elevation Deep Conditioner. The cream absorbed directly into the hair easily. There was no initial reaction to this product during the application process.

Once dried, I loosed my twist. It was well-defined but I felt it was stiff and a little dry. It would probably pair well with the Double Butter Moisturizing Cream to aid in additional moisture after washing.
I decided to style in an updo and it provided a beautiful wavy pattern once I lightly brushed my hair upward.
The Pros
        It seemed to make my strands feel stronger with only one application. It had elasticity which prevents breakage.
It defines curls
It also smells wonderful – good enough to eat! Smells like a cake batter.
The Cons
          It made my hair feel stiff and was very drying.
Does not feel it’s worth the price. The quantity is much less than the value of the price. I found this product disappointing compared to their co-wash conditioner.
It was over $15.00 on the “As I Am” website for an 8 oz. jar. (I feel you can achieve the same look with aloe vera gel which is more than half the price.)


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