Product Review: Healthy Hair Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Photo Credit by Natural Raw Essence
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I was very curious and anxious to try the emu oil shampoo and conditioner by Healthy Hair which I found on Amazon.

Since I’m currently using pure emu oil on my hair to promote hair growth, I thought I would try this shampoo that provides three key primary functions:  Promotes hair growth, aids in moisture and builds strength.
I’m a sucker for product packaging and I liked the white, sleek bottle design. It is the perfect size for travel (12 oz.). The shampoo smells like fresh pineapples and I really enjoy a tropical scent on my hair especially since I will not be going to an island any time soon!300x250 Ardell
Here’s the Deal on the Shampoo
The shampoo is a white, light, milky consistency which easily poured out of the bottle.
I did not use any products prior to shampooing because I wanted to know how this product would work without any interaction with other products.
During my first shampoo, it had a rich, foamy lather. Since I haven’t used a shampoo in a long time, I was quite happy to feel tiny soap bubbles glide through my hair. The directions on the bottle stated to only lather for 30 seconds which is not a long time to thoroughly shampoo hair. I lathered quickly and rinsed as directed. However, I felt my hair needed a second shampoo so I repeated the process again.
I really liked how my hair felt during the shampoo experience. My texture seemed extremely smooth and my hair felt really good. I spent the majority of time massaging my scalp.
Although this is not a natural product because it contains sodium laureth sulfate among other chemicals, it does contains emu oil including water, glycerin, silk protein, jojoba oil, and panthenol. During my research, I didn’t find a shampoo that is a non-sulfate shampoo containing emu oil.

The shampoo rinsed out easily the first time but as I rinsed out the shampoo the second time, I noticed big chunks of hair that was gathered at the ends of my hair. I focused on washing all of the shampoo out before really freaking out to find out what was really going on with my hair.

I did not towel dry because I wanted to make sure I left extra moisture in my hair to detangle. I had huge knots throughout my hair. It was also felt a little dry so I was hoping the conditioner would aid in detangling and moisturizing my coils.
What’s the Deal with the Emu Oil Conditioner?
On the bottle it states, “It will return hair back to its optimal 8% moisture level. It delivers moisture and omega 3 to help accelerate hair growth and strengthen hair while awakening the hair follicles.”
The conditioner is a white, light, creamy consistency. It is housed in an 8 oz bottle.
I used a quarter size or more of the conditioner and dispersed it throughout my hair. My hair felt very soft and smooth. I worked it in from root to ends. I did not feel many knots throughout my hair.
However, while rinsing my hair, I had big, cluster of knotted hair on the ends of my hair which was mostly towards the back of my hair. I really started to freak out at this point.
After pat drying my hair, I sprayed my hair with my water, castor oil and Vitamin E mix. Then, followed up with my flaxseed oil and leave in conditioner. I twisted my hair with Shea Moisture Hair Smoothie.
I was alarmed at how much hair was coming out of my head. I literally had to take my scissors and cut the big, chunky knots out of my hair.
The only positive thing I can say about this product is that my hair cuticle was extremely smooth. I felt a big difference. I also felt that it restored the PH- balance in my hair back to normal since I’ve been dealing with severe texture changes.
The next day, my hair maintained a very smooth texture. I do not mean that it changed my hair texture to a straight texture.  It remained in its natural, tightly, coiled state, but it did smooth out the cuticle and it also did not feel dry or brittle.
From the beginning, I was very hesitant about using this product because it contains sodium laureth sulfate which I haven’t used in over three years. I even stopped using shampoos all together within the past year. So, I’m not sure if this was a shock to my hair or not. Either way, my hair did not like this product!
Courtesy of Natural Raw Essence
The Real Deal
I’m going to stick with my regular routine of co-washing and my apple cider vinegar rinse which has worked wonders for my hair. This regimen has provided the best results.
I’ve lost a tremendous amount of hair in one shampoo session and I’m completely aggravated with my hair journey at this point. The one piece of advice I would like to share is to stick with what works with your hair texture. What may work on someone, may not necessarily work for you. Keep it simple
Even though I had a bad experience I do feel this shampoo would work best on softer hair textures or even a very short TWA or chemically relaxed hair.
I do not feel this shampoo works well on 4C texture, especially if your hair is longer than 3 inches. It is definitely not a detangler shampoo.
Final thoughts

My scalp also was very irritated for days! My scalp was itching so much that it felt like it was on fire!!! It’s possible that I was having an allergic reaction but others have told me that when your scalp itches, it means that your hair is growing.

Well, after all the hair that I lost during this episode, I sure hope it’s stimulating hair growth! Either way, Never again!!!

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