Product Review: Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu Treatment Masque

I’ve been on a hunt for a new deep conditioner. Due to severe breakage, I thought I would try the Indian Hemp and Tamanu Grow and Strengthen Treatment Masque by Nubian Heritage.
It is a white, very thick and creamy consistency. I believe thick, rich conditioners works best on thick, curly hair textures instead of thin, runny or liquid conditioners which works best on thin hair. But of course, the ingredients is the most important fix.
Although I’m not familiar with some of the ingredients, I feel that’s even better because it hasn’t been hyped up in the hair industry. Since it’s not the typical ingredients used in the mainstream, it’s a hidden benefit because alot of these companies usually slap labels on products when there may only be a small percentage of natural ingredients in the product and then want to label it natural and raise the price.
I bought this product in faith and in sincere desperation due to my hair issues.

The main ingredients consists of the following:  Hemp is essential for calming scalp irritations. Tamanu oil is known for its antiseptic and anti-flammatory properties. Bamboo helps strengthen the hair shaft and promotes hair growth. Monoi oil aids in hydration and moisturizes the hair. Garlic extract also stimulates hair growth and prevents breakage. Keratin helps fortify and strengthen the hair. It provides essential hair food for overall healthy hair. 
I like the fact that you have the option to use this product as a pre-shampoo treatment, deep conditioner, hair masque, leave-in conditioner, styling aid or hair dress. Since it’s a multi-purpose treatment, I thought that it would be a bonus.
I’ve used it twice as a leave-in conditioner so far. I truly feel my hair has responded positively to this treatment. My hair has been strengthened. I have less shedding and breakage. My scalp is also less dry and itchy. I’ve also noticed that my hair maintained moisture for days after application.  Normally, my hair tends to be dry the day after my shampoo day.
I’m not sure how this product would work as a styling aid but it definitely holds it down as a deep, penetrating conditioner.
At first touch, my twist felt hard and dry the next day after use. I loosed one of my twist and I was pleasantly surprised that it was very well moisturized. The conditioner locked in the moisture and it wasn’t too silky or soft, but it felt like my natural hair texture. I’m really paying attention to make sure the products I use do not alter my natural hair texture due to past experiences which has caused severe breakage due to over-moisturization and transitioning my texture to a softer curl pattern. I’ve been hesitant on buying products due to my negative outcome. It’s hard to believe that I use to be a product junkie.
I would definitely recommend trying this product if you are dealing with severe shedding, damage or breakage. As with all products, it does not work for everybody, but hopefully, you will be satisfied as much as I was with my new find.

Update: I just tried the conditioner as a deep conditioner and it was wonderful. I had less single strand knots and less hair fall. It moisturized my hair and my hair is becoming stronger with each use. I prefer using the conditioner as a deep conditioner instead. I’m excited to see the positive results in the next few months!

One thought on “Product Review: Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu Treatment Masque

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