Product Review: ORS Double Duo Shampoo Comparison


Photo Credit by Natural Raw Essence

If you have stepped away from shampooing all together, you may crave a  deep cleansing lather every once in a while. Even though apple cider vinegar and co-washes cleanses very well, sometimes you just want to see and feel a rich lather.

Here’s a double duo that provides a sudsy lather and actually cleanses great without stripping the hair.

ORS Uplifting Shampoo
The Uplifting Shampoo by Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) is a low sulfate shampoo. It contains menthol which provides a cooling sensation while washing. It stimulates the scalp and gently lifts grime, dirt, excess oils and flakes. It also aids in dry, itchy scalp. It also contains nettle and horsetail which is great for stimulating hair growth.
It is a pearl, soft blue color with a light, creamy consistency. The scent is not pleasant and it does not leave residue or any smell behind.
I believe this shampoo would be a great alternative when you feel like you need a mild shampoo to effectively cleanse the scalp. It also works well a neutralizing shampoo.
ORS Olive Oil Girl’s Gentle Cleanse Shampoo
The ORS Olive Oil Girls Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is also a low sulfate product but contains no parabens. It is a moisturizing shampoo that gently cleanses the hair with a rich, foamy lather without stripping the hair of essential oils. It contains Olive Oil and Vitamin B5 which aids in detangling hair.
It is a pearl mint green color with a light lemon or citrus scent which does not linger in the hair.

Both shampoos left my hair in its natural state. It did not soften the texture but it was manageable and easy to detangle. I didn’t see much difference in either shampoo, however, I prefer the uplifting shampoo because of the menthol. Both shampoos should be followed by a deep conditioning treatment as well.
ORS products goes back a long way in my hair journey. I returned to this company because I remember how healthy my hair was when I used their products consistently. Hopefully, it will work for you too!
It cleanses, conditions, strengthens and moisturizes without transforming the natural curl pattern. It also stimulates growth providing beautiful, healthy hair and scalp.
You can read more on ORS products by clicking the links provided here.



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