Hair Loss and Breakage: One Thing You May be Overlooking

Hair loss or breakage is often associated with problems stemming from alopecia, chemical damage, tension styling or poor hair products. However, a vitamin deficiency is an important factor to consider if you are experiencing hair loss or breakage.

Diet, as you already know, is a priority to your overall health and greatly effects hair growth. It can be very hard to detect when you know that you’re health conscious and maintain an active lifestyle, however, you may not be consuming all of the essential vitamins and nutrients needed on a regular basis.
Even though you may take a supplement like biotin, folic acid, or a multi-vitamin, there is one vitamin that is often overlooked.Vitamin Dis found in natural sunlight and can also be found in dairy products. 
If you do not have enough of this vitamin in your system, as with any other vitamin that is lacking, it will eventually show up in the appearance and the health of your hair. You may experience dry, brittle hair or severe itchy scalp problems. Vitamin D supports bone, teeth, muscle and immune health. A lack of this nutrient may cause severe health issues.
The best way to find out the correct remedy for severe hair problems is to schedule an appointment with your primary physician and dermatologist. A general blood test will hopefully provide the answers needed to repair the problem. The faster you anticipate the problem; the faster you can resolve it. Your physician may possible prescribe a higher dose of Vitamin D, D2 or D3, if they diagnosis a vitamin D deficiency

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