Happy New Hair!


As we enter a new year, we anticipate all the new goals, dreams and aspirations we hope to accomplish by the end of the year. Our physical appearance tends to be at the top of the list of priorities. Whether it is be a desire to lose weight, change your hair color or change some other characteristic, we feel the transition will somehow change our lives in some drastic way.

For the most part, it can make us feel better and we may gain self-confidence. However, we should always concentrate more on the inside traits that will ultimately have the greatest impact in our lives.
Our perspective determines our behaviors and attitudes. We can elevate our mindsets by letting go our negative people and environments that influence and affect us, learning to forgive, releasing the past, embracing the present moment and hoping for the best in the future.
We are constantly evolving and growing and we should allow ourselves to embrace change without fear of the unknown.
The latest fashion trends, hairstyles and beauty treatments will be recycled with a new twist from one year to the next. When you can’t keep up with all the social demands to look a particular way or to have all the latest “In” things, it can often make us feel “Less than” when we simply can’t keep up with all the latest accessories, gizmos and gadgets. 
As we seek out the latest hair products, hair cut or cosmetic enhancements, let’s not forget to seek out the needed changes we truly need to set off the New Year.
Let us strive to be the best that we can be without comparing ourselves to others. Let us let go of jealousy, gossip, backbiting and insecurities that keep us in bondage. Let us take off the false impressions, images and façades that we often hide behind.
Let this be the year that we walk in true freedom. Freedom from the opinions of others and the freedom to embrace our authentic selves. Let us embrace the unique, natural beauty we are designed to be – beauty from the inside out.

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