How to Stretch Natural Hair by Using a Blow Dryer


If you deal with hair breakage, you may wonder how blow drying can help grow your hair. With all the negative attention about damaging heat, which eventually causes hair breakage, you may avoid using heating tools altogether.

When you’ve worn natural styles for a long period of time, you may experience single strand knots which is simply knots that form at the ends that pop off after washing. There may be many causes including the products used, but if you want a simple solution, here is one to try.
Prior to this regimen, you should trim all split ends. After washing, you will still use the L.O.C. (Liquid, oil, cream) method, even though you will be blow drying your hair.
First, you will need your favorite leave in conditioner, preferably a cream-based conditioner. You will apply a liberal amount of conditioner to each section prior to blow drying. I normally keep a water bottle on hand to keep the hair moist since the blow drying process can be a long daunting process.
After you blow dry a small section, you will apply your favorite hair oil and then a cream, water-based hair moisturizer. This acts as a lubricant and will activate the oil to penetrate the hair shaft. One moisturizer that works well in this process is an oldie but goody; ORS Olive Oil Crème moisturizer. It does not leave the hair wet, so there is no shrinkage, but it provides extreme moisture. Lastly, cornrow each section. Repeat the process on each section.
You should use a low to medium heat setting and should never blow dry on high heat as it will possibly cause damage. You want to dry it just enough to stretch the hair, but it shouldn’t be bone straight.
You may want to apply a heat protectant after you apply your leave in conditioner, but it’s not necessary.
You may need to moisturize your hair at least twice per week to avoid dryness. Cornrows is known to help grow your hair and works wonders for hair breakage because all strands are protected. The braids should not be too small which can cause more damage when loosing. Braids also should never be too tight which is also harmful and can cause traction alopecia.
This regimen is best if you prefer to wear wigs or hats during the winter months and do not want to fuss with your hair too much. As you continue to stick to this regimen, you should experience significant hair growth. Think of it as hibernation, so by spring, you will be in full bloom.

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