Product Review: Healthy Hair Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Revisited

After a year of my initial experience of trying the Healthy Hair Emu Shampoo and Conditioner, I wanted to revisit this product again. You can read the original post here.

Just a brief background about Emu Oil:
Emu oil is known for stimulating hair growth. The oil is extracted from the emu bird.
About the shampoo:  It provides three key primary functions:  Promotes hair growth, aids in moisture and builds strength. It is also known for restoring the PH-balance.  Although this is not a natural hair care product because it contains sodium laureth sulfate among other chemicals, it does contains emu oil including water, glycerin, silk protein, jojoba oil, and panthenol.
The bottle is the perfect size for travel (12 oz.). The shampoo smells like fresh pineapples, so if you like a tropical scent you will love this scent!
Fab Results: The shampoo has a clear, milky consistency and lathered quickly. I carefully lathered in the same direction not to cause unnecessary tangles. The shampoo left my hair and scalp feeling very clean. I noticed my hair cuticle was extremely smooth just like the first time that I used the product. I felt a big difference. I DID NOT have any knots or balls of hair coming out in the sink at all. I was amazed due to my last experience! I had less than a dime size of hair within the whole process of shampooing to styling. That’s why I felt obligated to repost my recent results.
About the Conditioner:  The conditioner is a white, light, creamy consistency. It is housed in an 8 oz. bottle.  On the bottle it states, “It will return hair back to its optimal 8% moisture level. It delivers moisture and omega 3 to help accelerate hair growth and strengthen hair while awakening the hair follicles.”  
I used a quarter size or more of the conditioner and dispersed it throughout my hair. My hair felt very soft and smooth. I worked it in from root to ends.  I left on for less than 5 minutes and rinsed out. It felt soft and pliable but it did not detangle the hair. I used the L.O.C. method which aided positive results in the styling process. I would recommend following up with a leave-in, detangling conditioner for optimum results.
Smooths Hair Cuticles:  It gets an B+ rating the second time around. I noticed that it did an outstanding job smoothing the hair cuticles. I did not suffer ANY hair loss or breakage. However, it’s not a detangling shampoo, so you will definitely have to make sure you use a conditioner that provides additional slip. Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this product.  Twice was charm! 

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