Product Review: Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Conditioner

Photo Credit: Natural Raw Essence
Shea Moisture has limitless options for all hair types and textures. Recently, I tried the Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal System Conditioner with murula Oil and biotin which comes in a fuschia label.
To be honest, I don’t feel much difference between all of the different products that I’ve tried with this brand. The scent seems to be more sweet and fruity, but besides the smell, everything else seems to be the same.
This product can be used as an instant, deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner. I’ve always preferred to use this specific type of conditioner as a leave-in conditioner because it does a great job of softening and detangling my hair. Overall, it’s a hair-worthy product to use.
The key ingredients includes the following:
Superfruit Complex
Consists of a blended mix of red raspberry, goji, acai and guava extract rich in anti-aging antioxidants.
Marula oil
Contains natural plant that helps support the elasticity of the hair
Nourishes individual strands for thicker, stronger hair.
The ten exclusive benefits includes:
  1. Age defying
  2. Nourish
  3. Anti-stress
  4. Revive body
  5. Color protect
  6. Shine
  7. Hydrate
  8.  Strengthen
  9. Manageability
  10. Soften

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