Made by Design: Walk in Your Natural Raw Essence

girl on subway

Made by Design

More often than not, women struggle with their authentic identity and self-image. The emphasis on a certain standard of beauty doesn’t give a woman freedom to be comfortable in their own skin. It places limitations on their true nature and their self-esteem.

Women and men place a high value on beauty and their physical appearance. Men tend to compete in social activities, sporting events, or material objects while women compare themselves to other women on a physical level and on the amount of attention or power of influence.  Instead of embracing their own unique features, talents, and abilities, some women put other women down or spread gossip to elevate themselves.
A jealous vibe is not attractive. It reveals the ugly attitudes and actions that are rooted deep within insecurities. Your insecurities may not even be your fault. Were you bullied in school? Or did family members put you down? Whatever circumstances you may have endured as a child or teenager forms who you are today. Surround yourself with a positive people who elevate you. Read self-help books and speak affirmations that strengthen your character and how you feel about yourself.  Find a church group or activity that provides nurturing support.

When you truly accept all of who you are from the inside out, you will open yourself up to true joy, peace, love, and acceptance. And that’s, as raw as it gets! There’s nothing more beautiful than walking in your authenticity, despite all of its flaws.

No one was made perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to accept your quirks. Walk in your divine essence. That’s where true beauty is revealed and natural raw essence is birthed.

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