10 Types of Massage Therapy Treatments

It seems wherever you turn nowadays people are experiencing a high level of stress in their daily lives – whether on a job, with family, or social circle.
You see explosive outrages on the news, on social media, and on the streets. We have to admit that there’s a lot going on in the world that can escalate tension, anger, frustration as well as test your patience, but maintaining a healthy balance is essential to your overall health.
Although it’s a well-known fact that physical exercise and a nutritious balanced diet decreases stress levels, as well as alleviating depression symptoms, mood disorders, and anxiety, many people may not consider the advantages and benefits of incorporating body massages into their daily routines.
There is a direct link between mind, body, and soul. There is nothing more relaxing than a full body massage. Although a massage will not solve all of your problems, the primary benefits provide energy, flexibility, and relaxation. The body builds up lactic acid which eventually causes pain in various areas of the body.
A body massage stimulates oxygen into the bloodstream and eliminates toxins in the muscles which can minimize potential illness or disease.
There are many types of massages. First, let’s start with therapeutic massages.
Therapeutic Massages
There are five basic therapeutic massages. Spas, clinics, gyms, resorts or wellness centers offer these options:

1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common one. It is a Western concept focused on the anatomy and physiology of the body. The classic massage consists of a combination of long, smooth strokes, kneading or circular motions and tapping or vibrating movements.
Aromatherapy can also enhance the experience by adding essential oils like lavender, rosewater or eucalyptus.


2. Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is an intense, aggressive type of massage which focuses on pain points.  It is known for treating conditions and chronic pain. It tends to be rougher including exaggerated movements in a centralized area. It may not feel pleasant at the time, but afterward, you may feel a sense of relief. However, if you experience extreme pain, you should let your therapist know.


3. Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is also known for its healing advantages to sore muscles and strain. If you suffer from repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, muscle spasms, arthritis, back pain or postural issues, you may want to give this a try. It is similar to the deep tissue massage. Its primary focus is to concentrate on the problem area to relieve pain.
4. Foot Massage
Reflexology, also known as a foot massage, focuses on the tension in the foot. Your feet carries you throughout the day and often is neglected, especially men, who may feel it’s not a necessity or a requirement to care for. However, more men today are actively participating in wellness and understand that body care is essential to their overall health.
There are many trigger areas in the foot that affect the whole body so it definitely needs some TLC. Its benefits include balancing the nervous system and releasing endorphins, also known as the “Happy feeling” that motivates and provides a boost of energy often felt while working out at the gym or any physical activity.You may look forward to kicking your feet up after a long day. Find some comfort with a foot pillow, to relieve pressure on sore feet, ankles, and heels.
5. Scalp Massage
Cranial sacral therapy, also called a scalp massage, emphasizes gentle circular motions and slight pressure on the head region focusing on the temples, scalp, and neck. If you suffer from migraines, insomnia, neck or back pain, a scalp massage helps to restore and align the natural position of the spine and backbone. It relieves stress and tension where you can drift off to sleep like a baby. Now, that’s something to ahhh about!

You can also incorporate a facial massage where you focus on the eyelids, cheeks, and jaw. Your facial muscles often get ignored but you use these muscles every day. You can follow up with a facial mask, toner, and moisturizer to feel brand new.

6. Sports Massage
Sports massage is a treatment used for the professional athlete or highly physically active person. A sports massage helps circulate the blood as well as stretch muscle tissue or even breakdown scar tissue. It also reduces pain and heals injuries related to the bone, muscles, and joints. Neuromuscular or physical therapy should also be considered for extreme conditions, like sciatica or severe injuries.
Traditional Massages
7. Soft Tissue Massage
Soft tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage. It is a light, gentle treatment that aids in relaxation. Most couples enjoy this activity in their quiet moments. Set the mood with soft music, candles, and your favorite oils.
8. Hot Stone Massage
A hot stone massage is a unique technique using small, heated stones and by applying them to the body which helps release tension. The heat is similar to applying a heating pad to trouble spots. It is the perfect remedy to relieve pain or discomfort.
Asian-Influenced Massages
9. Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu massage is an ancient method originating from Japan that is similar to acupuncture. By simply applying finger pressure, it improves circulation, decreases stress and alleviates stiff, achy muscles. It is best for back or neck pain, headaches or lack of energy.
10. Thai Massage
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Thai massage works the entire body. This technique is similar to yoga where it purposely stretches muscles to loosen joints. Be prepared to stretch your hands, knees, legs and feet. It improves energy, flexibility and your overall health and well-being.
There are many other types of massages. These are just a few techniques that help release tension and stress, reset and align the body, increase energy and provide relaxation.
Contact a spa or wellness facility in your local area. A body massage is a perfect treat for birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because. As we head towards, Mother’s Day, what better way to show mom you care?

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