What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a fairly new technique used to exfoliate, stimulate and smooth the surface of the skin. This method does not require washing the skin so you don’t have to use soap and water. The brush is made especially for this process so the bristles are not harsh or abrasive. It also doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin. The bristles are firm yet soft and pliable to gently stimulate the blood cells and improve circulation. It is recommended to dry brush your skin after you shower or bath.


Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Our pores are living, breathing organism that absorbs everything in our environment as well as what we put on it.

There are three main skin layers which include the epidermis which is the outside layer of the skin, the dermis which is the middle layer and the subcutaneous fat is the bottom layer. 

The bottom layer releases the older cells and pushes the new cells to the top surface of the skin. The dermis produces oil and sweat. This is where the sweat glands are located. It’s also the region that provides the feelings of touch that send signals to the brain whether something is hot or cold as well as sensations of pain or itchiness. The dermis region is also where hair grows from the follicles or where goose bumps form when you’re cold. Lastly, blood travels through the blood vessels to your skin’s surface.

The subcutaneous fat attaches the muscles and bones and controls your body temperature. It is also central to distributing the blood cells to the rest of the body.
When you properly exfoliate the skin on a regular basis, you are shedding dead skin cells to allow the new cells to develop, form and replace old cells. This process provides a healthy, vibrant glow and enhances the skin’s appearance.
It’s recommended to use a natural lubricant like almond, coconut, argan or olive oil on the body which aids in preventing aging skin. You can even use shea or cocoa butter which will soften the skin and fade scars or marks.

For additional moisturizing, you can follow up with your favorite lotion or body cream. My favorite lotion is “Curel Itch Defense” which is made for dry, itchy skin and helps with problem skin issues like dermatitis or eczema.

With continuous use of dry brushing, you will notice a difference in the skin’s natural texture as well as the overall appearance. 

You may dry brush all over the body but most people focus on the arm and leg regions. It’s not recommended to use the dry brush on the bottom of the foot since that is the toughest skin area. A pumice stone or callus remover would be better tools for that specific area.



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