Eyebrow Shaping: The Benefits and Best Methods

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Eyebrow shaping is an inexpensive way to dramatically change your appearance with just a few quick strokes. By regular grooming, eye brow shaping enhances your facial features and also accentuates the eyes which commands and dominates your overall beauty. It is the focal point that draws attention to your entire face. Little beauty tweaks can be an asset and have a profound impact on your personal, social and professional life.
This is the most important area of the face because it contributes to the overall proportion and balance to the entire face. It also provides a clean, professional look that adds a touch of glamorous appeal.
Cosmetic Techniques
Fortunately, there are many cosmetic product lines that provide eyebrow pencils and gels that help to attribute a brow shape that makes your brows pop. It’s also important to choose the right shade that blends with your hair color and skin tone.
You should start by brushing your brows with a toothbrush, spoolie or brow brush. Then, you can begin outlining the brow with a lighter color on the inside corner of the brow which is closest to the eye ducks and then gently blend the brow pomade by adding a darker shade of color on the outside corners of the brow for a natural looking brow. The shape should not include any sharp edges which can appear to make you look angry or upset. You can use a cream concealer to define your brows and then set with a brow gel to keep those brows on fleek!
There are three methods of shaping and defining flawless brows. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the pain that hair removal causes.
Threading is the most popular form of brow shaping in most recent years. It is an older technique based in India and Middle Eastern cultures. By using a double strand of cotton thread, a thread artist shapes the brows to perfection.

It is the safest method known to date because there is no harsh wax which may include chemicals, dyes or parabens. You do not have to worry about wax cross contamination or beauty tools used by the public on such personal areas such as your face.

This technique is precision-focused providing a clean edge brow. Another bonus is that it’s an inexpensive method which costs around $10-$15 depending on your location.

It’s recommended to seek a professional since this technique requires an expert with years of experience to ensure the best outcome.

To make those brows pop, try the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit.


Waxing is a traditional method of hair removal. It is very painful, yet abruptly removes all traces of unwanted hair in one quick sweep.

You should ensure that the eyelids and brow area are clean by removing all traces of makeup, dirt, and oil. It is not recommended to wax brows if you have sensitive skin as it will leave skin feeling irritated.
The downfall with this method is that it is less accurate in providing a meticulousness look. You will also have to follow up with tweezing stubborn, stray hairs that were not removed during the waxing process.

It is also a less sanitary method. By dipping a wooden spatula into the same wax used by a public salon, you may be subjecting yourself to bacteria and germs. You also may have an allergic reaction due to harsh chemicals or substances found in the wax.

Lastly, waxing does not last as long as the threading method. Hairs will normally grow back in less than a month.
Tweezing is the most tedious method of eye brow shaping. It’s also the most painful and longest process. By plucking individual hairs one-by-one, it can be a grueling process. Although you will have an arched brow, the final results will have less precision and definition.

This procedure is mostly used as a home beauty method or for cleaning up an already-shaped brow. Whichever method you are most comfortable with, it will transform and enhance your appearance on every level.

Helpful Tips
If you have a smaller frame, you should stick with smaller definition lines. However, if you have stronger features, you should definitely stick with thicker or heavier lines that define the eye area and face. Men should not shy away from cleaning up their brows either.

Depending on the natural shape of your brows, a trained threading artist or eye brow technician will work towards reshaping the natural brow line.

Unfortunately, they may not be able to define the ultimate brow shape that you may find on Instagram or your favorite celebrity. However, a professional esthetician will work towards perfecting your organic shape for that overall impeccable look.

So what are you waiting for? Find a beauty salon near you!

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